Collection: Shower Toilet Attachment

Welcome to our collection of shower toilet attachments! These non-electric sprayers are designed to be easily installed under your current toilet seat, providing a convenient and hygienic way to improve your bathroom routine.

The EcoSplash toilet sprayer attachment is operated solely by water, making it a great non-electric option for those looking to add a bidet or backwash feature to their toilet. It is available for both single and double hot and cold water connections, and the retractable nozzle mechanism for both bidet and rear washing is easy to use and self-cleaning. Simply attach the EcoSplash shower toilet attachment to your current toilet to enjoy the benefits of improved personal hygiene and a reduced need for toilet paper.

If you want to compare different EcoSplash models, be sure to use our function comparison tool. You can also visit our website and blog for more information on the latest bathroom, health, and lifestyle topics, and don't forget to check out our great deals – you'll find everything you need here to get a good price on a shower toilet attachment. So, you may enhance your bathroom functionality and personal hygiene by using a shower toilet attachment and enjoy the comfort it provides.